Our work isn’t bounded by industry or geography. We deliver bespoke solutions to a diverse range of clients, drawing on our expertise as consultants, entrepreneurs and practitioners.

We know the best outcomes are achieved when we work openly and collaboratively from start to finish – that’s why we have teams dispersed across the globe. So, wherever you are in the world, our experts are ready to get started when you say “go”.

Is Tehran your nearest city? We’re proud of the work we’ve done here so far, and it’s the city where it all began for us – our headquarters are in Central Tehran! Contact us today to kick off a discussion with Partners Hamid Aghajani   and  Ali Zahedi  about how we can help you disrupt your industry and become market-leading.

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We’re building the best consulting firm in the world, so we need the best team in the world. Our people are laser-focused. High performers without the ego. Sound like you?

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Hamid Aghajani


Ali Zahedi


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Our team is a global collective, bringing together subject matter experts across design, tech and digital marketing. We are a team that harnesses the power of creativity as a catalyst for positive change.

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Alongside the expertise brought in by our brands, we have a unique collection of capabilities to help you supercharge every stage of your business journey. 

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Our hub for challenging, controversial and expert opinion on the latest in business today.

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