Welcome To The First Tenotass Capability Building Program

As organizations explore the future of work post-COVID-19, it helps to view it as a combination of three symbiotic elements that shape organizations: work, the workforce, and the workplace.
Organizations need to fully understand the nature of work they do, who is needed to perform that work, and where that work is done. Getting this right will determine the winners in the post-pandemic world.

The key questions here are “Who do organizations have?” and “Who do organizations need?”

Organizations that expect to benefit from a promising new strategy won’t get very far if they lack the people to bring the plans to life. What might seem like an irritating talent gap today could prove a fatal competitive liability in the not-too-distant future.

Capability Building Program Not A Simple Training Course

After studying the major changes in the needs of business ecosystems, we developed a capability building program methodology that can help talented people develop themselves intentionally.

The underpinning of the Tenotass Capability Building Program is the development of knowledge, attitude, and skills of the workforce for enhancing the abilities to achieve the short-term and long-term goals on organizational as well as personal levels.

The PIAM Methodology is designed based on the adult learning theory and active learning framework, include:

  • P – Profiling the desired skills and behavior to thrive,
  • I – Identifying the underlying needs in the journey of development,
  • A – Action-planning for targeted goals and objectives,
  • M – Monitoring the progress and measuring the outcomes in the journey of development.

Off The Shelf, Straight To The Program Room

We wish to share this knowledge and work with attendees, to enhance their understanding of how to work professionally with world-class competencies to become more professional and confident, and more engaged with what they want to reach for themselves.
Here is the list of capabilities and objectives that are ready-made and ready-to-go and will be delivered in 6 modules each 5 hours (a total of 30 hours) in 6 weekends. 5 numbers of modules will be conducted IN-PERSON at SRBIAU Central Library and one of them will be a distance learning.

Module 1 – What Really Management Consulting Is

  • Describe the differences between consulting and other kinds of cooperation, and the business models of management consulting

Module 2 – Adaptability & Resilience

  • Build emotional flexibility to persevere in the learning journey and apply techniques to best enable an effective team learning environment

Module 3 – Problem Solving Approaches

  • Develop a structured approach to problem-solving and improve your ability to define the challenging problem, focus on it, and prioritizing issues

Module 4 – Communicating For Impact

  • Learn how to communicate to have an impact on the audience, and tailor messages to address audience needs

Module 5 – Digital Essential

  • Articulate what is “digital”, why it matters, and how it creates value, and build our digital “toolkit” through building foundational literacy

Module 6 – Team Building Bootcamp

  • Describing how to build trust in a team, by communicating more effectively with teammates, build personal & team accountability and get committed as a team to our overarching goals.

TCBP Qualifications Process

For everybody interested in participating in the Tenotass capability building program, the following conditions are required:

  • Participants must Currently reside in Tehran,
  • Have at least 1 and no more than about 5 years of professional work experience in one of the business backgrounds, include:Human Resource, marketing, branding, strategy,IT & technology, supply chain, sales, management, education and training, management, consulting, and research & development,
  • Have at least B.A. educational degree,
  • Have a good command of the English language (The sources are provided in English). 

Everyone interested in following the program will be interviewed by the Tenotass team. The team will assess applicants potential capability in developing a management consulting path. In case of reaching the approved criteria, they will be invited to move on to the contraction process. The Tenotass consulting firm will give a 50% scholarship to all of the participants who could reach the considered rate.

Graduated participants could apply for working in Tenotass consulting firm. The Tenotass team will pay 100% scholarship of the investment to the people who enter the Tenotass Consulting Firm.

If you have any problems and challenges with being in the program, the Tenotass team will help you via:

Tell: +98-2191304957 (Line 1)

Mobile & whatsapp: +98-9190339357

Instagram: tenotass Web: www.tenotass.com

who we are Know that we are passionate about learning new things and encourage you to have it.