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At the heart of tenotass is a growing team of people who are specialists in professional consulting services …
We love solving the process and business challenges professional services organizations face.


Founder & CEO

Hamid Aghajani is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TMC (tenotass management consulting), 
he started in 2018 with the belief that a group of influential people, can do great things for their country by doing what they love.
hamid’s business strategy is based on creating simplicity in complex environments, developing a personalized approach for every client and every consultant, and creating a great place for employees to work.
Hamid holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Tehran and a DBA in brand management from the Iranian Brand Academy, an institution known for combining academic, practical, and entrepreneurial approaches to creating Iranian brands. He is also a member of ICI and a PhD student in Entrepreneurship.
He specializes in training managers and leaders and developing healthy, high-performing teams. He has coached over 500+ people and facilitated training for 10+ teams/organizations. 


Chief Human Resources Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Ali zahedi

Development Manager

Behnam Hejazi

Management Analyst


VP, Learning and Development

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