People’s United Bank wanted to assess their contact center’s operating model, tools, technology and capabilities. From the assessment findings we collaborated with the bank’s stakeholders to build a contact center strategy that helped progress wider company goals. We then developed short, medium and long-term contact center transformation roadmaps which aligned with its corporate and customer experience strategy and targets. The result would help the bank to create the best-in-class customer experience and a competitive advantage over others in the market.

  • Outcome 1: Developed 14 short, medium and long-term contact center goals focused on transforming People’s United Bank’s approach to create great customer experiences, both for the client and contact center personnel


  • Outcome 2: Delivered on 42 projects designed to achieve the contact center goals, evolving the bank’s tooling, automation and channel capabilities to enable excellent self-service care, sales opportunities and best-in-class rankings

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