The Tenotass Foundation

Through the Tenotass Foundation, our charity arm, we help address global issues starting by supporting the local communities we work in. Creating a real and sustainable impact is what matters most to us, not just donating money and time.

Why the Tenotass Foundation started

We’re passionate about not only solving our clients’ challenges, but also using our expertise as consultants, subject matter experts, designers and developers to make a difference in our local communities. We work with charities and not-for-profit organisations that support education, entrepreneurship and technology ­– the guiding pillars of the Tenotass Foundation. And we look to make tangible positive impacts and leave a legacy.

How we work with charities

We’re committed to providing our services to the charity and not-for-profit sector, running full-scale projects to offer strategic advice and implementation support ­– what we call our Time 2 Donate scheme. Every member of our team also utilise two volunteer days each year, so company-wide we all have a chance to support our local communities. We also host fundraising events once a quarter… everything from raffles to sporting events, and even wine tasting. Each year we look for innovative ways to raise money and, of course, have some fun along the way. 

Can we help your organisation?

Let us know what we can do.