Our Entrepreneurs

We’re building the first of its kind. A firm where every employee, from our newest analyst to our founding partner, is a true owner. An entrepreneur. Scroll down to meet some of them!


Our Entrepreneurs

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Our Entrepreneurs

Our people are deeply passionate. They’re risk-takers. Innovative thinkers. Owners. From leading client workshops in their first month, to expanding initiatives like The Tenotass…

Episode 1

Natalie Milner, Manager

B team? Never heard of it.  We’re a firm of entrepreneurs. Every member is an owner, leader and practitioner, not just another seat on the bench.  For our first episode, meet Natalie…


Ed Cudlipp, Consultant

Ed’s always been interested in startup culture. In fact, that’s exactly what led him here. Why? Because unlike the big firms, we take fresh, innovative and disruptive approaches. In his…


Hannah Baynham, Manager & Catherine Long, Manager

Managers Catherine Long and Hannah Baynham discuss how being entrepreneurial doesn’t necessarily mean being a business owner. It means committing to something you’re…

Episode 4

Alpesh Gopal, Finance Manager

Finance Manager Alpesh credits resourcefulness to his success. That’s what being an #entrepreneur is all about. Challenging convention, problem solving and “taking the…


Madeleine Hancock, Analyst

Analyst, Maddie was one of the original directors of Solidaritee, which started as a student movement and has now become a fully-fledged charity.  She talks about the importance

Episode 6

Rob Tyrrell, Principal

Principal Rob shares his wisdom on what it means to truly be an #entrepreneur… 

Episode 7



From organising socials to charity initiatives, check out what we get up to around the world.


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