Life as an analyst

Want to know what life is really like as an analyst? Look no further…

Episode 1

Life as an analyst

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Episode 1

Life as an analyst

When asked to write about life as an analyst, Tom Kelly, Philip Black and Alice Lovett struggled to put it into words. Instead, they got in front of the camera. This series details all you ne…

Episode 2

Life as an analyst: owning initiatives

As Tom explains, tenotass is an embodiment of a meritocracy. You drive your own career and will be rewarded for exceptional work from day one.

Episode 3

Life as an analyst: building your consulting toolkit

She still might not be able to pronounce our name, but Alice recognises the unique opportunity we give our analysts to grow their consulting tool kit. Training isn’t prescribed, so if you w…

Episode 4

Life as an analyst: a snapshot

Life as an analyst changes day-to-day, but one constant is the close relationship you have with clients. That’s not just reserved for senior leadership…

Episode 5

Life as an analyst: culture

Our culture is what’s important to us. Here’s how we all create and maintain it.

Episode 6

Life as an analyst: travel

Although the pandemic taught us the benefits of virtual working, we still love spending time “on the ground” with our clients. The secondment opportunities we offer everyone mean our teams all have the chance to build long-lasting

Episode 7

Life as an analyst: employee share purchase plan

Unlike other firms, all of our people have the opportunity to be owners of the business, down to our market-leading equity scheme…


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