Are you a superstar 2023 graduate?

We’re building the best consulting firm in the world, so we only accept the very best. That’s you? Super. We’ve been expecting you. Please read on…

We’ve created a different type of consultancy – the firm that we want. It’s growing quickly and it’s evolving. Challenging ineffective convention is what we will always do, changing the game in our own industry and helping our clients change the game in theirs.

Our people join us to make a difference. We all have a relentless desire to deliver better and better solutions for our clients, and ourselves. We’re a culture of thinkers and makers, empowered by the freedom to get things done.

To help you decide whether we are the right firm for you, we’ve listed some handy questions below. If your answer to them all is ‘yes’, soon you may find yourself working alongside people who thrive on, and are excited by the very same things you are…

  • Do you want to help us build the best consulting firm in the world?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial attitude? Do you like to get stuck in and discover what’s possible, ‘fail fast’, learn, iterate? Do you want to make a real difference? 
  • Do you actively look for new and challenging situations? Do you get a thrill from uncertainty? Do you love digging into detail, then exploring alternatives with others until you find the best solution?
  • Can you discuss complex ideas with experts while keeping those unfamiliar with the content interested and excited? Can you win over a room full of executives? Could you do it on the phone, in person and with a document too?
  • Are you excited at the prospect of jumping on a plane at short notice to work for clients across Africa, Europe, the USA and Asia? At the prospect of working across Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Goods, Travel & Transport, Telco & Media, Technology and Sport?
  • Do you have high levels of self-awareness? Litmus test: do you view critical feedback as an opportunity to develop yourself?

We don’t offer you just a job, we offer you the chance to help build our fast-growing business. With this comes rapid personal and professional development, a fantastic platform to jumpstart your career, and exciting opportunities that are what you make of them. In return, it requires hard work, real commitment, a can-do attitude and a laser focus on success – for yourself, and for our business.

On top of the consulting side of our business, we invest in startups to accelerate their growth through Tenotass Capital. Rather than simply investing money, we also invest consulting time. You could work on the due diligence of disruptive startups – on the way in, and on the way out. Some of our team have been seconded to these businesses and some have even joined their boards. 10% of any profit made from our investments goes directly into the bonus pool for our team.

This powerful mix of experience will set you up for success. Some of our team have left us to start their own businesses (often with our financial backing), and some have joined other disruptive ventures.

Whatever the future holds for you personally, you’ll love the ride; enjoy the work, recognition and accelerated career progression. Best of all, your performance (and associated reward) won’t be forced into a bell curve. We want to create a legacy – we believe that one day our newest recruit will lead our firm.

If this appeals to you, simply apply below…

Consider how to set yourself apart from other candidates. Remember that we think differently and challenge ineffective convention… we’d encourage you to do the same with your application.

We love what we do and we’re growing fast. So fast in fact, we’ve just been listed as one of the fastest-growing consulting firms in the US.* If you’re looking for an opportunity with a firm that’s going places, you’ve just found it.

We firmly believe that entrepreneurialism is a state of mind. This means we hire to an exceptionally high talent bar. Intellect isn’t a differentiator. Being a self-starter, willing to get stuck in, deliver the best possible work, is. We only hire people with bags of ambition, and the energy and passion that comes with wanting to build a business, not just work for one.

We’re building a business together – for ourselves, and for our clients. This is how we make the really difficult stuff happen. (Or #MSH).

Sound appealing? You’ll fit in well. Apply today. We’d love to meet you.

*Oh, and by the way, if you’d like the detail, we’ve been listed as the fastest-growing consulting firm in the UK and the third fastest-growing in Europe by the FT, and the 56th fastest-growing consulting firm by Consulting magazine. And we’re pretty damn proud of that…